Poly SoundStructure C-Series

Poly SoundStructure C-Series Models

An accurately immersive audio experience for voice and video conferencing

Poly SoundStructure installed audio solutions deliver HD clarity to video and voice conferences for upgraded productivity and quicker decision-making. Advanced design and tailored configuration capacities let you deliver world-class audio quality quickly and efficiently to a variety of room atmospheres. Unified integration along with Poly voice and video conferencing solutions makes way for lifelike experiences, with Poly immersive and room telepresence solutions. Poly Ceiling Microphone Arrays delivers matchless video and voice collaboration quality. Monitoring SoundStructure is now easier with Poly RealPresence Touch, an intuitive touchscreen controller allowing you to dial calls and accurately adjust audio levels in the room.

Poly SoundStructure C-Series installed audio solutions set a new benchmark in immersive conferencing performance. Full-stereo acoustic echo cancellation, with 22 kHz bandwidth and influential feedback elimination, allowing the meeting participants to focus on the conversation without any interruption.

Wide-ranging input, output and submix processing offers flexibility with regard to configuration and assimilates all core audio processing into a single solution, removing the necessity and additional equipment costs. Optional modular telephony interface card widens functionality and provides protection of investment

The innovative Poly OBAM matrix architecture in SoundStructure enables up to eight SoundStructure units to appear as one system for supreme scale and flexibility. Advanced signal grouping, channel labelling and submixing allow you to leverage existing designs and configurations for future installations, saving your time and money, while exclusive SoundStructure Studio software streamlines configuration and enables advanced system designs for existing and evolving requirements.


  • Breakthrough audio conferencing performance – The most commanding and flexible installed audio solution available gives lifelike voice conferencing with no compromises.
  • Easy installation and configuration, even for very large or complex systems Modernization such as SoundStructure Studio configuration software and OBAM matrix architecture makes it easier for you to deliver crystal-clear and lifelike sound.
  • Seamless integration with Poly® RealPresence® Group Series solutions – Flexible configuration and set up options deliver the true Poly UltimateHD technology experience for ordinary, lifelike voice and video conferencing that increases productivity to the next level.

Features and Benefits

  • Unrivaled Sterio Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) – The only product with both monaural and stereo echo cancellation from 20Hz to 22 kHz – AEC with no conciliation for more immersive meetings
  • Breakthrough feedback elimination – Qualifies talker, flexible microphone, loudspeaker placements and speech reinforcement delivering audio wherever you want
  • Poly OBAM™ matrix architecture – Combine and connect manifold units to create larger systems without traditional bussing limitations
  • All conferencing features available on all inputs – Get rid of the worries of running short of microphone inputs, because every feature is available on all inputs
  • Gain sharing automatic microphone mixer – Enhanced automixer experience makes sure of smooth transitions and robust performance in varied operating environments
  • Provide expanded functionality and investment protection – Use modular single or dual-line PSTN, or VoIP telephony cards
  • Fully digital Poly RealPresence Group Series integration – Add configurable audio to your HD video solution
  • RealPresence Touch – Offers an easy-to-use interface to control, mute volume, and dialling of SoundStructure.
  • Poly Ceiling Microphone Arrays – Applicable with both Poly Ceiling Microphone arrays and traditional analog microphones
  • Push to talk microphones and other applications
  • Earn flexible support with logic inputs and outputs
  • Authoritative events programming – Tailored system behaviour with the RealPresence Touch, RealPresence Group Series solutions, IR remotes, and much more
  • Password protection – Prevents unlicensed users from retrieving, monitoring or making any alterations to the system

SoundStructure Studio:

SoundStructure Studio is Poly’s next-gen installed audio design and configuration software. By means of SoundStructure Studio, it is possible for you to get your audio solutions installed and running faster than you ever thought. It also makes it simpler to add and remove input and output signals via a single matrix view on one screen, and to offer usual signal routings and gains based on input or output signal type on the other screen.

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